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About Me

Donna Chudnow

Canadian Landscape Artist


Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Lives in Toronto, Ontario

My paintings are a portrayal of the lifelong influence that nature plays in my life. My passion for landscape art emerged from my love and wonder of nature.

My reverence of nature evolved from going to childhood summer day camp outside of Winnipeg and spending 15 fabulous summers at a camp, camping and canoeing throughout Lake of the Woods, and in parts of Northern Ontario.  The memories and feelings of those formative years are essential to my art.


Nature always played an important part in my life- but it wasn’t until my mid 40’s that I found my visual voice through painting. My paintings reveal the sheer beauty and glory of nature and the joy that I feel being both a spectator and a participant.


I took landscape art lessons at the AGO Gallery School from 2006-2010 and attended OCADU (2nd year) on a part-time basis from 2012-2014. Since 2015, on most days, I can be found painting in my studio at ProjectArt in Toronto, Ontario.

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